Hello! We’re Graphica

Graphica Strives for Design Excellence with the Understanding That Interior Space Has the Most Profound Effect on People and Can Actively Transform the Way They Live Work and Play the Challenge Is That Building Must Adapt to Variety of Changing Uses to Create Interior Architecture Endures While Remaining Charm and Functional

Graphica Designs Activities

  • Design

    The Company has a vision different from the mainstream of design in the Egyptian reality, which depends on the transport and westernization and deliberately dig a different font is derived from our reality based on the needs of the design and the novelty calculated.


    An extension of the privacy of the design are the privacy of implementation, which is a sense understands the needs of each client and his tools versed team.

  • Business shops, facades and advertisements

    According to the design concept and the private shops implementation and administrative offices and interfaces, which must be unique and distinctive line of complete privacy in the content and not extravagant or exaggerated and achieve the objectives of the client and attractive to the recipient.